About REV. DADA’S Gurumarg

Vandaniya Sri Sadgururnath Dada
Born on : 6 th February 1921
Demise on : 2 nd July 1991

‘Universal Peace’ is the desire of Creator of this Universe. For Universal peace, human welfare is absolutely important. To achieve this, THE ALMIGHTY has from time to time sent saviours to this world. Vandaniya Sri Sadgurunath Dada was one such saviour who established an
unparallel Gurumarg for the benefit of Humanity. His Gurumarg includes the jists from three sects namely Dattapanth, Nathapanth, Sufipanth.

Rev. Dada’s Guru was the famous saint from Shirdi, Jagatguru Sri Sainath Maharaj . Under His guidance, Rev. Dada established this Divine Mission for Humanity.

Sri Sai Adhyatmik Samiti consisting of noble saints who contributed for the Mission, came into existence in the year 1956.

The famous Sufi saints namely Parampujya Haji Malang Baba (Kalyan). Parampujya Mohammad Jilanibaba (Baghdad), Parampujya Salim Chistibaba (Fatehpur Sikri), Parampujaya Ajmer Sharifbaba (Ajmer), Parampujya Khwaja Bande Nawaz (Gulbarga), Parampujya Kutubuddin Baba (Delhi) have all contributed their strengths for the Mission. Also Sri Gorakshanath (Bathis Shirale) from Nathpanth, Sri Narsinhasaraswati (Narsoba Wadi) & Sri Pantamaharaj (Balekundri) of Dattapanth have also contributed their mite for the Mission.

The two strikingly important principles of the Mission in the eradication of grief and despair are :

(i) It is just not the grief but the causes for the griefs which are important and they should be eradicated.
(ii) Just as we are knowingly or unknowingly responsible for the sins of the past births, we should also have the knowledge to eradicate them.

Based on these principles, Rev. Dada perfected 3 expiations (Vimochanas) namely Vanshvimochan, Karmavimochan, Runamochan. Also for the spiritual development of mankind he perfected 5 initiations (dikshas) namely Upasana, Namasmaran, Anugraha, Guru, Karan.

He also established the Shaktipeeth ( Power centre) and Sri Sai Swadhyay Mandal for the future benefit of Mankind.

For human development, Rev. Dada perfected Omkar Sadhana, Aarti Sadhana, Mulakhat Sadhana. He also devised a simple, less time consuming & absolutely inexpensive methodoly of God Worship which on ordinary person could follow. The accomplishments which a normal person achieves through lengthy rituals and vidhies are now achieved through Guru Krupashirwad. This is an important philosophy of the Mission. Based on experiences & knowledge he established a unique method of grief elimination called as ‘Kamkaj’.

|| Shubham Bavatu ||
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