Respected Bhaktabhavik,

                   Welcome to  Dadarkaryakendra, at ‘Saikrupa’ Mumbai, This karyakendra (Centre) is established by the Grace of Vandaniya Sri Sadgurunath Dada and managed by Shree Sadguru’s Educational & Welfare Trust.
                     You may be having some problems in life or there may be certain unanswered questions in your mind. We will try to give you solutions to those problems or provide satisfactory answers to your questions. This method of providing solutions to problems / questions is called as ‘Kamkaj’. You can get these services through the sewaks who work selflessly at the Kendra. Kamkaj at the kendra can be done either Online (by phone) or Offline (by being personally present).

In order to have a smooth & fruitful experience of all the activities, some instructions are given below.

1. Besides the days celebrated as festivals and some other specific days, Kamkaj is held on every Thursday, Saturday, Sunday of the week. (Presently it is held only on Saturdays and Sundays)

2. Enrolment of names for Kamkaj of any month starts from 16th of the previous month.

3. Even if there are questions related to more than one person of a family, enrolment should be done in the name of only one person & preferably in the name of head of the family. However any number of questions can be asked, related to any member of the family.

4. Enrolment for Online (By Phone) kamkaj is limited to only 25 names per day & for Offline (Direct) kamkaj is limited to 15 names per day. Please note that enrolment for both Online / Offline kamkaj can be done online only .

5. Procedure for enrolment of name

• Visit http://www. dadarkaryakendra.org website and open ‘Kamkaj’ section

• Select the kamkaj date suitable to you from the notified kamkaj ʻMonthly Schedule’ and click Select on the selected date.

• Then Click on Online or Offline kamkaj options as you desire.

• Then fill up the preliminary ‘Information form’.

• Pay Rs. 50/- as contribution towards 1 coconut, 2 betel leaves, 1betel nut, Rs. 21/- dakshina. These offerings will be placed on kamkaj day at Parampujya Baba’s feet on your behalf. Payment can be done through Google Pay / Phone Pay / Paytm.

• You will then get TICKET / CONFIRMATION EMAIL.

6.   • On the day of the Kamkaj,the Online enrolees after completing their morning chores, should sit in an isolated or secluded place in the house by   7.45 a to take online benefit of Aarti Sadhana

• On the day of the Kamkaj, the Offline enrolees should reach Dadar karyakendra by 7.45 am to take benefit of Aarti Sadhana in person.

7. Exactly at 8.00 am on the kamkaj day, the Aarti Sadhana will start. In order to derive full benefits of kamkaj, attending Aarti Sadhana is a must.

8. After the aarti sadhana is over instructions will be given and then the live telecast on Zoom / Youtube will stop.

9. Kamkaj will start between 9.15 & 9.30 am. Both Online & Offline kamkaj will take place simultaneously.

• For Online Kamkaj, you will get a phone call from thekendra asperyourenrolment number. You can then talk to the sewak on phone who will guide you.

• For Offline Kamkaj, your name will be called at the kendra as per your enrolment number. You can then sit in front of the sewak and talk. The sewak will then guide you.

10. Briefly but clearly spell out your problems / questions and give all relevant information related to them. You can be least assured that this information will not be discussed amongst the sewakas or any other bhaktabhaviks.

11. Kamkaj is strictly done as per enrolment number. Hence if there is a delay in calling, kindly do not call up kendra or keep asking the sewaks about the status of your kamkaj.

12. The suggested Nirakaran (solution) depends upon the problem and its severity.

• The text of suggested seva will be sent to you on Whatsapp (for Online).

• The paper containing text of suggested seva will be given you (for Offline).

13. The suggested Nirakaran is not only for solving your present problems but also for the present & future happiness, peace, contentment of the entire family.

14. Do the suggested seva with full faith and concentration before 12 noon.

15. Normally seva of 5 weeks / 11 weeks is suggested. After completing the suggested seva, a fresh enrolment (as earlier) for kamkaj has to be done.

16. If on certain days, seva cannot be done due to female menstrual periods or some other reasons, then the seva can be extended for the lost days accordingly.

Instructions : For taking benefit of ‘Aarti Sadhana’ and all other activities of the karyakendra from home,
  • Download Zoom App. on your mobile from Play Store.
  • Copy the following link your mobile and click on it.



Open Zoom App. and join through Meeting ID.: 6038935609 & Password: 654123.


Visit dadarkaryakendra (Live) on Youtube

Daily Activities at Karyakendra (from 1st Nov 2021):
1) Aarti Sadhana Every Saturday, 8.00 to 9.00 am
Every Wednesday : 8.00 to 8.35 am
Every Tuesday : Thursday, 7.00 to 7.45 pm.
2) Mulakhat Sadhana Every Thursday, 7.45 to 8.15 pm.
Last Sunday of Every Month, 5.30 to 8.00 pm.
3) OmkarSadhana Every Saturday, Sunday : 7.00 to 7.45 am.
Every Wednesday : 8.45 to 9.30 am
4) Dnyansavedhana Varg First Sunday of Every Month, 9.15 to 11.00 am.

~~ Shubham Bhavatu~~

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